Exclusive: Paradise Youth Club & Public Culture

Public Culture was founded in 2015, by Michael Kurniawan. Public Culture first and foremost idea is all about the youth culture. Playing around with colours, messin’ around with graphics, and always producing high quality daily wear garments that are designed to turn heads and drop panties.

Paradise Youth Club was founded in 2015 by Vincentius Aditya (Adit). It is an Indonesia-based apparel company that manage to stay on the cutting edge of urban street fashion from 90’s era, combining a number of influences, including surfer, skatewear, music, and laid-back in mind.

Both Michael and Adit established Kultur Muda Indonesia (KMI) as the brand’s holding company. Adit was appointed creative director who is in charge of the creative division, including the marketing team. While Michael switched to the managing director position to lead the operational team in charge of various tasks from merchandising to production, sales, administration and accounting. The brands under KMI are Paradise Youth Club, Public Culture and Prime Apparel.