About Us

How We Started

As its name suggests. The Corner Shop loosely resembles a convenience store to accommodate the market's rapid-changing fashion trends. Strongly influenced by the 80s pop-culture scene and local nostalgia, the store's curated memorabilia whimsically translates its position as a stronghold of the local retail scene.

The Corner Shop, also widely known as "Zha Huo Dian" is Singapore's premiere boutique that has humbly built its prestige over the past 14 years in the local retail industry

Since 2008, The Corner Shop has been actively pursuing timeless clothing and takes pride in offering a diverse selection of local and international fashion labels. In addition to providing its own clientele, it has become the destination for people hoping to enhance their wardrobe.

Located at the corner of Far East Plaza on the 3rd floor, do drop by and experience a blast from the past as you look through timeless pieces accompanied by good music.